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I was excited when I found a Wikipedia article yet to be written. I used the layout and voice found in many other comic book articles to maintain consistency. This article is about a comic book series and provides general information about it. Some details are vague since contributors try not to spoil newer comics for readers. After a few years they will provide more plot information.

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Birthright is an ongoing monthly comic book series published by Image Comics and Skybound. The comic was created by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Andrei Bressan.[1] 

First published in October 2014, Birthright focuses on the disappearance of the Rhodes family’s youngest son and his shocking return.


What started as a game of catch in the woods ended with a parents worst nightmare. The disappearance of Mikey tore the Rhodes family apart. But a year later he has returned, though not as the child he was. Twenty years have passed for him in the mysterious land of Terrenos, along with battles with fire trolls, razorbeasts and dragons. Now he seeks the help of his family to close the doors between the two worlds, or see both destroyed.[2]



Mikey Rhodes – the chosen hero of prophecy and the carrier of the birthright. Kidnapped on his tenth birthday, Mikey is destined to save the land of Terrenos from God King Lore. A year later he returns to his family as an adult to close the doors between the worlds, but there is more he is not telling.

Brennan Rhodes – Mikey’s older brother. Reluctant to believe his brother returned as a warrior adult, but joins him on his quest to find five mages hiding on Earth.

Aaron Rhodes – Mikey’s father.  Becomes a depressed alcoholic when everyone believes he killed Mikey. He is the only one to unconditionally believe Mikey returned as an adult and will do anything to protect his children.

Wendy Rhodes – Mikey’s mother. Divorced Aaron when she believed he killed their son. Refuses to believe in the return of Mikey and bases all her decisions on hard fact.

Brooks – detective and family friend in charge of Mikey’s disappearance.


The Gideons – group of winged warriors including Rya, Shavo and Ansari.

Rook – an Orc like being who has been searching for Mikey to be Terrenos’ hero. Serves as mentor to Mikey and seeks to overthrow God King Lore.

God King Lore – the antagonist of the series. His goal is to conquer all of Terrenos and Earth. Uses the power of the Nevermind to corrupt souls and make them do his bidding.

Kallista – the Pale Rider. Once a member of Rook’s team, now serves God King Lore and continuously hunts Rook and the Gideons.


Joshua Williamson first conceived Birthright in 2006[3], years before his acclaimed Ghosted series. He loved the stories where children went to mystical lands, but always wondered what happened to them upon their return.

“As a fan of adventure and fantasy stories as a kid… it was always great seeing these young kids going on amazing journeys to far way magical lands. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Peter Pan, Explorers, The Neverending Story, Wizard of Oz, Flight of the Navigator. But there were never any real consequences to those adventures… What happens when you come home from this great adventure? What do you do next? How do you go back to normal life? Those thoughts lead to my obsession with the idea of destiny. If your whole life has been about one moment… one thing that you had to accomplish… what do you do after it is over? How do you go on knowing that the main reason you were born is finished?”[4]


Birthright has received generally positive reviews from critics, with a 9/10 rating from Comic Book Roundup[5] and 5/5 stars from Comic Vine[6]. Comic Book Resources praised issues #1 and #5 for their surprising plot twists and Bressan’s artwork[7][8]. Katy Rex of Comics Bulletin loves the unpredictable nature of the issues but feels the parents are not interesting or believable.[9]

Collected Editions

Title: Birthright Vol.1: Homecoming

ISBN: ISBN 978-1-63215-231-2

Release Date: March 4, 2015

Collected Material: Birthright #1-5

Publication Information (side bar)

Publisher: Image Comics and Skybound

Schedule: Monthly

Format: Ongoing series

Publication date: October 2014 – ongoing

Number of Issues: 8

Creative Team

Writer(s): Joshua Williamson

Artist(s): Andrei Bressan

Colorist(s): Adriano Lucas

Letterer(s): Pat Brosseau

Creator(s): Joshua Williamson, Andrei Bressan


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