Card Gaming Resume

For my resume I wanted to use a traditional format for a not so traditional topic. I am a card gamer and have been playing since I was eight years old, predating my love of comic books.

As a girl gamer I kept it a secret and to this day most of my friends are unaware of this part of my life. As an adult I am open to sharing this part of myself and decided to chronicle my gaming career in resume format.

Card gaming is even nerdier than comic books so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Jane Tyler Resume


3 thoughts on “Card Gaming Resume

  1. I really like how your resume has a narrative to it. It was like reading a story instead of a resume. I also like how you included your struggles being a female player. I also like the creativity in your education section. Well done.

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    1. I agree on similar points made by Futura Bazaar. This resume wasn’t the ordinary format that one can usually count on seeing. Your resume had an entertaining feel to it, as if it had a narrative, similar to the statement by Futura Bazaar. This was enjoyable.


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